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Covid-19 has affected all of us and will re-shape the workplace for quite some time. Here at Anchor events, we have adapted our business and put strict measures in place to keep all our staff as safe as possible. We are fully committed to doing our bit to keep infection rates as low as possible by following government guidelines and are enforcing our own policies,

All our temp workers are issued with face masks which we encourage them to use in the work place, if it is safe to do so. We also encourage them to use protective eye-wear and gloves where possible, depending on the assignment. We are working more strategically also, aiming to place workers in assignments that are as close to home as physically possible. We will therefore be encouraging workers to walk and cycle to their assignments, keeping their carbon footprint low and also not mixing with too many people during their commute.

If you have any questions on Covid-19 and what else we are doing, please feel free to ask!

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