Event Management

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Throughout the planning of your event, we’ll give you total confidence and peace of mind. From concept to production, you’ll discover why we are the event management company of choice for so many clients.

Our team is flexible, experienced and equipped to deal with anything from wedding, product launches to private parties and conferences. No matter how big, small, simple or extravagant your event needs to be, we offer support every step of the way.

Whether you require advice like many of our clients and agencies, or you’d prefer to leave it all to us, we enjoy providing total event management packages, including accommodation, staffing,venue and location management.

Less stress:
Tell Us your vision, and they’ll bring it to life. Whether you want a complete event organiser or the right people to greet your guests, Anchor Event Management will take on the role you don’t want – and they’ll do it your way.

More time:
Planning an event is all about the details, and getting those right takes time.
It might be a small wedding party, a group workshop or a huge business exhibition; Anchor Event Management have experience in all kinds of events. We’ll provide the details that matter, saving you time.

Great communication:
Organising the venue, arranging the food, communicating with guests, and – most importantly – keeping you informed. Great communication is at the heart of a great event. Anchor Event Management will ensure everyone knows what’s happening, and they’ll do it in a way that reflects you.

A memorable occasion:
Clients of Anchor Event Management keep coming back.
While that might be because of the great service and good deals, it’s also because these events are outstanding. If you want to host an event that people keep talking about, we always aim to achieve excellence

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Covid-19 has affected all of us and will re-shape the workplace for quite some time. Here at Anchor events, we have adapted our business and put strict measures in place to keep all our staff as safe as possible. We are fully committed to doing our bit to keep infection rates as low as possible by following government guidelines and are enforcing our own policies,

All our temp workers are issued with face masks which we encourage them to use in the work place, if it is safe to do so. We also encourage them to use protective eye-wear and gloves where possible, depending on the assignment. We are working more strategically also, aiming to place workers in assignments that are as close to home as physically possible. We will therefore be encouraging workers to walk and cycle to their assignments, keeping their carbon footprint low and also not mixing with too many people during their commute.

If you have any questions on Covid-19 and what else we are doing, please feel free to ask!

Event Staffing

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Our Hospitality staff have the skills and experience to ensure that your guests have a fantastic experience at any corporate or private event. Our expert hosts and hostesses will make your customers, clients and other guests feel like VIPs. They will ensure that their every need is catered for throughout the event.

You can hire waiters and waitresses who will professionally serve champagne and canapés, or even appoint an expert mixologist to create stunning cocktails that will leave your guests in awe.

Find out how our Hospitality staff can help your event.